Pets – Public health

There are thousands of pets living in the municipality.

Their presence requires us to show a certain amount of tolerance, but we also have to manage any problems they bring.

Where can I walk my dog?
Apart from sports pitches, sand pits and children’s playgrounds, where dogs are not allowed for health reasons, we cannot deprive our four-legged friends of the chance to go for a walk in the grass or exclude them from places such as woods, lawns, central reservations, waste ground, verges, public parks and fallow fields.
We do not seek to impose bans, but we do want to encourage civic-minded behaviour.

Health and cleanliness
Although urine is quickly washed away by the rain, dog dirt takes several weeks to rot away completely. So please make sure you always have a little bag with you (canisac bags are on sale in pet shops) to clean up after your dog.

Useful tips
- Dogs are attracted by the scent of other dogs. They mark their territories. If surroundings and pavements are kept immaculate by regular thorough cleaning followed by a repellent non¬-toxic citronella spray, there will be no temptation.
- And don’t forget to protect any garden plants (trees and flowers) you may have which are sensitive to being burned by urine. You can use netting or chicken wire.

Animals moult twice a year. If you are brushing your pets outdoors, don’t forget to use suitable brushes and collect the loose hair before it escapes.
Noise is also a kind of pollution. Think about those who are sick or trying to study. Dogs are pack animals who don’t like being left alone for too long. They can get uncontrollably stressed, which leads them to howl and bark.
In addition, if your dog is zealous about guarding you and your property, make sure you anticipate how it will react. Dogs should be brought indoors at night if possible (to avoid the offence of disturbing the peace at night). In the garden, you could put in some extra rows of plants. Indoors, close your shutters or put your dog somewhere quiet.

Animals need obedience training, because it could save their lives in an emergency. If your dog is off the lead, it needs to be able to come when you call it, without complaining. Sit! Down! and Heel! are some of the commands that your dog needs to be able to obey.
What about my cat?
Although they are more discreet than dogs, cats do leave an impressive amount of droppings. Put out trays of cat litter or clean gravel. The urine of uncastrated males smells appalling.
Given the large numbers of strays and abandoned cats, do think about getting your pets neutered.
Cats visit dustbins
If you have any kitchen waste that smells too tempting (meat, fish, chicken, etc) make sure you tie up your rubbish bags tightly and spray with citronella. Remember that cats are attracted by the smell of bleach.
Police regulations

Article 31
Owners must not allow their animals out without taking the necessary precautions to ensure that they do not adversely affect the cleanliness, safety or ease of passage on the public highway.
Article 69
Any person who in any manner whatsoever soils the public highway or causes it to be soiled must ensure that it is immediately cleaned up.
Article 140
The owner of any animal whose barking, howling, crying or singing causes a nuisance to residents shall be liable to penalties imposed under the police regulations.

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