The Waterloo games library: 2 units

Did you know that there was an active games library in Waterloo? Even better, it is split across two units, one at Chenois, the other in the Centre.

If you already know about us, do please come back and find out about all the new games available on the market. If not, then the team will be happy to show you some outdoor games, board games, team games, executive toys, games to play solo or in a group, GameBoys, puzzles and other wonders spilling off our shelves.

 For over 30 years, a team of volunteers has been welcoming visitors
* either on Wednesday afternoons from 2 pm to 5.45 pm at rue François Libert, 44 (Tel: 02/354.40.98)
* or on Saturday mornings from 10.30 am to 12.30 pm at rue Emile Dury, 16.

 It can loan out games for a period of 15 days subject to:
* an annual family subscription of 3 euros,
* a rental price ranging from 0.25 to 2.50 euros.

Over 900 games intended for the very young (from the age of 18 months) and for adults are waiting for you on our shelves. Come and try out those games that people are talking about before buying them. You certainly won't regret it. The games library's main role is to offer advice.

In addition, the importance of play and above all, of good play, is crucial to the development of every child and every adolescent, and to the pleasure of their parents.

Opening times:
Library building - rue Fr. Libert, 44 -> Wednesday from 2 pm to 5.45 pm
Infor Jeunes - rue E. Dury, 16 -> Saturday from 10.30 am to 12.30 pm. 

L'équipeThe Waterloo games library: 2 unitsThe Waterloo games library: 2 unitsThe Waterloo games library: 2 unitsThe Waterloo games library: 2 units

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