Office of the Alderman for Prevention and Health

Prevention Council

The Office of the Alderman for Prevention stages a series of actions designed to inform and/or assist young people AND adults on subjects as varied as health, addictions, failure at school, abuse, violence at school and child nutrition.

This takes the form of regular meetings of the Prevention Council chaired by the Alderman for Prevention and organised alternately in the various member associations of the Prevention Council, in order to forge closer ties (aside from the delegates representing the College of Aldermen; the CPAS; local associations: CPF, ONE, Infor Jeunes, Maison des Jeunes de Waterloo, la Ligue des Familles; schools; the medical and pharmaceutical professions, etc). Invitation to associations from outside Waterloo (CEAJ - Centre d’Ecoute et d’Aide à la Jeunesse, SAJ - Service d’Aide à la Jeunesse, Centre pour l’Intégration du Brabant wallon, etc).

Regular organisation of preventive campaigns in collaboration with the ISBW (Intercommunale Sociale du Brabant wallon), whose main aim is to give concrete shape to projects in collaboration with schools, youth associations, etc.

Preventive back care campaign: pursuit of the campaign in 3rd and 6th year primary classes in Waterloo schools.

Organisation of regular lectures, information sessions and various campaigns: diabetes, breast cancer, menopause, AIDS, organ donation, fibromyalgia, prevention of heart attacks, hitting middle age, smoking, alcoholism, etc.

Telephone: 02/352.99.54
2nd floor
From 8 am to 11.30 am

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